Cafes and cafes…

In Lisbon you can find them anywhere. Some are nicer than others and some really invite you to spend the hole afternoon or night there. Have a seat, read a book, talk to someone next to your table, drink, eat some petiscos or meals and relax…

It’s really difficult to tell you which ones i like most, and when i started writing this post i immediately noticed that i had to stop writing names. I will not talk about the most known ones, the ones that are on the first page of all the guides-  Café Nicola, A Brasileira, A Benard, A Pastelaria Suiça…these, you will find them, for sure! And, by the way, of course i will mencion the ones located in a short walking distance from Casa Brito!


  • Cruzes Credo- This is my cafe! If it’s summertime, i go there and stay outside looking at the Catedral illuminated walls. If it’s cold and the winter is here, i have a hot drink or a glass of wine in this noisy, cozy place. They serve really good meals untill late at night and they also offer a wide variety of snacks/sandwiches during the hole day. Do not miss the chocolate cake, please!!! Location: Cruzes da Sé, Sé, 29 (next to the Catedral Sé).T: 21 8822296.


  • Pois Café– This is a really nice spot to have a rest in the midlle of the afternoon, or even for a lunch break. You can read a book or a magazine, share a table with other tourist or natives and talk to them. I always liked this Austrian Cafe. I just don´t go there more often because it’s always full. You might be luckier than me. Try it and enjoy their cakes. Location: rua são joão da praça 93-95 (sé/alfama).T: +351 218862497


  • Casa Independente- It’s an art and music place. An old building offers different rooms, where you can simply have a drink or read a book, enjoy a concert or an exihibition. It has also a huge garden for summertime. It’s a really relaxing place and located on a different part of the city- Intendente. In the same Largo do Intendente, you can see a work from the know portuguese artist “Joana Vasconcelos” and visit the gorgeous “A Casa Portuguesa” for some portuguese souvenirs. Location: Largo do Intendente, 45. T: (00 351) 21 887 51 43. Facebook:

Casa Independente

  • Vertigo- This charming place has a really interesting decoration. It’s calm and cozy and it has one of the best chocolate cakes in town ( I like to eat if you haven’t noticed yet). They also have a wide variety of tea. I usually go there for an afternoon drink during our mild winter. Location: Travessa do Carmo, 4 Chiado. T: 21 343 31 12


  • Chapitô- I already talked about this place because of its great river view. I recommend it when the weather is good and you can seat outside, looking at the river or feeling the breeze. If not, get into the place, look around, see the view and leave again. It isn’t that cozy inside the bar. Location: Rua da Costa do Castelo T: 218 867 334.


  • Café da Garagem noTeatro Taborda- This theatre and cafe is always empty. I never know why! Maybe because it isn’t easy to park the car and the tourists guides haven’t found it yet. This spot absolutely incredible. It has a wonderful view to the city. The cafe is calm and well decorated. Go there and tell me what do you think. I love it! Location: Rua da Costa do Castelo, 75.

Cafe Garagem

  • Fábulas- This interesting place is located in Chiado. You can have a quick meal (sandwich or salad) eat a snack or a small petisco, go for the sunday brunch or simply seat there to have a drink or a tea. You can do whatever you want and stay as you want, specialy during grey days. Lisbon people go there quite often during the hole year. They also have a nice terrace for summertime. Location: Calçada Nova de São Francisco, 14 (in front of armazéns do Chiado and after Zara turn left). T. 21 601 84 72.

Well…i can remember a dozen more but, as i told you already, you have to come again, stay in Casa Brito and MEET ME again :))


Lisbon isn’t such a huge city, but one day is definitely not enough to see a lot so, if you have just one day, here’s my suggestion:



After having a great night sleep at Casa Brito, take a revitalizing breakfast at home, or try a portuguese breakfast in a “pastelaria” (common cafes that are spread all over ( try Brasileira in the beggining of Rua Augusta) . A sandwich with ham or cheese, a galão ( tradicional portuguese big glass of coffee and milk) and a cup of a delicious and sweet orange juice. If you want to order it in portuguese: “Uma sandes de fiambre (ham)/ queijo (cheese), um sumo de laranja (orange juice) e um galão, por favor!”

After breakfast, go down to Rua Augusta ( try to get a map of the city in the tourist information spot) on the direction of the river. At the end you’ll find Praça do Comércio. You can visit it already, but i would rather go straight to rua da conceição do take the tram 28 on the direction of the castle. Take the tram and enjoy the hilarious journey. If you have the oportunity to buy in advance a Bus/metro day ticket (in the Carris kiosk at Praça da Figueira– few steps from Casa Brito) do it, so you can hop on and of on the several places to visit.

On the tram 28,  ask the driver to let you out next to the Castle ( or simply follow everyone). Visit the Castle and get lost in area around and do not miss the Cathedral Sé (lots of narrow streets, stunning views over the river Tejo). You´ll find the neighborhood Alfama and simply walk and enjoy it.

After this walking tour, have a meal and you might want to do the hole way of the tram 28. If you do, you’ll end up in Martim Moniz (close to Rossio and Casa Brito). Go on the direction of Rossio, visit the emblematic Train Station in Restauradores and take the funicolar to Bairro Alto (in the beginning of Avenida da Liberdade). When you arrive, look right and get crazy about the view of Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara.

After the chillout, go down on the direction of the river. When you arrive in Praça Camões, visit around and turn left to Chiado. You’ll find two  of the most knowns cafes in Lisbon: A Brasileira ( where you can seat next to Fernando Pessoa statue ) and Bénard ( the best chocolat croissants in Lisbon). Go down Rua Garret, turn to Rua do Carmo and keep on looking to your right…voilá…the most famous elevator in Lisbon- Elevador de Santa Justa.

Fernando Pessoa- A Brasileira

Did you realize that everything is just so close to your home? Yes…that´s true. Now you’re just a few steps from Casa Brito again. Do you want to change your shoes, your clothes? You have 5 minutes…

To end up the day, just go on the direction of the river. When you arrive there, turn right and walk nearby the river. Enjoy the view to the bridge, lay down on the grass or next to the river at this brand new spot in Lisbon.

Hope you had a great day!








Portuguese tapas

Nowadays, there are a lot of new trendy restaurants serving portuguese tapas. Actually the term “tapas” is most commonly used in spanish food. We used it because it means small amounts of food “pratinhos” to share.

This new fashion is beeing adopted by the best chef’s in Lisbon and it’s also really interesting because you can taste a lot of different portuguese food without meaning that you’re spending a lot a money.

I’m a fan of this places and i’m sure you’re going to enjoy  this sharing experience. Choose 2 or 3 plates each person and be prepared to eat a lot!


These Tapas Restaurants are spread all over Lisbon but, as always, i will suggest you my favourites next to our house “Casa Brito”. Believe me…you are so lucky to stay in our house…the best places to eat are located nearby.


  • A Taberna da Rua das Flores: The best of the best! I had a meal in this small, typical restaurant more than 10 times. I haven’t been more because they do not accept reservations and it is always full. They have the best fish tapas in town. They have a daily menu and you can choose between meat, fish or seafood small tapas. If they have it on the menu, do not miss “Tataki de atum” and “picadinho de carapau”. Prices: 15-20 euros (it also depends on the beverages).Location: Rua das Flores 103 1200-194 Lisboa. Tel: 21 347 9418 (Next to Praça Camões) .


  • O Cantinho do Avillez- This restaurant if owned by one of the most known portuguese Chef’s. The food is portuguese, tasty, well cooked and has a sophisticated variety of tradicional plates. The place is confortable and trendy. It is a place not to miss, although is really difficult to make a reservation. Try to book it in advance or have a meal early in the evening (portuguese people usually eat late) and you might be lucky. Location: Rua dos Duques de Bragança, 7, Mártires, Lisbon 1200-162 (In chiado) Prices: 20-30 euros


  • Restaurante Estrela da bica- It’s a restaurant, a bar and a café. It’s relaxed, has really good food, but be prepared for a noisy place. I really recommend it for groups and you will find this retro place enjoyable to spend 2 or 3 horas talking and talking. You can also avoid to much people, having a meal at lunch time or in the afternoon. Do not miss the “bigornas” (our bruschettas). It’s also not easy to book. Location: Travessa do Cabral, 33 (Bairro da bica, next to Bairro Alto)


As you noticed, these places aren’t easy to book, but it also means that they’re very good and portuguese go there quite often.

You might ask me: Are there many others? Of course…but you need to MEET ME again so i can tell you all my secrets:)

Just because i love this city…and i´m here for almost 20 years!!!

Almost every weekend, i leave my house with my camera, pretending i’m a tourist…





Fado is a Portuguese music style but this word also means “fate”. So, portuguese people always say: ” este é o meu fado” (this is my fate)  indicating the melancholic and nostalgic character of our people . This music style is really different and sometimes quite sad, but it can be also happy and enriching.

One of the most  famous fado singers was Amália Rodrigues, who was commonly known as the “Queen of fado”. Nowadays, fado is quite popular and recognized worldwide. The most known fado singers are Mariza, Carlos do Carmo (He´s getting a grammy) and Camané.

I tottaly recommend you to visit a house of Fado. There are plenty all over the city. The best fado houses in Lisbon can be found in the Alfama, Bairro Alto and Mouraria districts. I will recommend my preferences:

  • A Baiúca- It´s a really small and pitoresque place and it’s really difficult to find a place there. The fado they sing here is called “Fado vadio”, and it means that normally the singers aren´t professional, but people that simply enjoy singing. It´s unique! Location: Alfama,
  • A Severa- One of the oldest Fado restaurants. It is located in Bairro Alto. Location: Rua Das Gáveas, 51 a 61
  • Clube do fado- This is one of the best places in Lisbon to hear fado. The singers are very good. It´s also a restaurant and you can hear really good fado singers while you enjoy your meal.  Price-30-45 euros. It´s located 10 minutes walking from Baixa. Location: Alfama, Rua S. João Praça, 86 – 94 (Near to the cathedral Sé). Tel: 218 852 704.
  • Tasca do Chico –  This isn’t a place to eat. It is a popular small and intimate café and bar, where there is fado sung every Monday and Wednesdays. If you’re lucky, you might find a popular singer here. Location: Bairro Alto, Rua do Diario de Noticias, 39.

There are many great Fado singers. I will leave here one of my favourite: Camané.

If you like Fado, next time MEET ME  to tell you some more intimate places.

As you all already noticed, Lisbon is a tough city to walk around. Not because of the scale , but because of its several hills.

But this might be the reason why the city is so charming and romantic, with its narrow hilly streets.

In other hand, when you arrive at a top of a hill, you’ll get your reward: an amazing view over the city.

In this post, i will suggest my best view spots.


Esplanada da Graça– Take the tram 28 and ask them to let you go down in Graça. Ask where the church is and…enjoy the surprise! You can have a drink and enjoy the sunset.


Nossa Senhora do Monte– There isn’t a place to have a drink, but this is the highest hill, and the view is amazing! It is located nearby esplanada da Graça (around 15 minutes walking).
Nossa Senhora do Monte

Nossa Senhora do Monte

Chapitô– It´s a Circus School, has theatre, a very nice café and restaurant. This spot has one of the best views in town. It is located on the way to the castle. You can seat outside and have some tapas and a nice wine at sunset or enjoy the ambience at night.
Hotel do Bairro Alto- Ge into this great and renewed hotel in Praça Camões, take the “Golden” elevator to the upper floor and enjoy one of the greatest views in Lisbon.
Hotel do Chiado– another Hotel…but one of my favourite views. It isn’t the best place to have a drink because it´s always empty…but it has an amazing and different perspective to the Castle.
Adamastor/ Noobai Café– in another hill, from here you can see the bridge and enjoy the best sunset of Lisbon or have some rest, listening to the music that someone plays around.



Esplanada do Chão do Loureiro- This spot is located on the way tho the castle and before arriving to Chapitô. You take less than 10 minutes walking from Casa Brito. It has sun untill late….


I Still have some more but, enjoy these ones and meet me next time you return!


Portugal is one of the best places to eat in the world . Believe me! I’ve traveled a lot already and i never met a country with such wide variety of different tasty food. 

Eating is my hobby and i always try all the new restaurants in town. I love to eat good food so, if you’re a foodie, MEET ME to taste the best food in town.

I will try to recommend my choices of restaurants located nearby Baixa/chiado, in a walking distance from Casa Brito.

In this post, Seafood and Fish will be on your table.

  • Restaurante Pinóquio– One of the best places to eat in town. The fish is great, But i totally recommend you to eat “Gambas da costa ao sal” (Boiled Shrimps) to start and end up with a “pica-pau” ( the best fried soft cow meat). Just this and you’ll be surrended…. Prices: From 30-40 euros. Location: Praça dos restauradores. Tel: 213 465 106 site:
  • Cervejaria Ramiro– Considered the best place in town for seafood. This is the place to try santola, sapateira, lavagante, lagosta, ostras, búzios, perceves, Must go! There´s always a huge cue at the door, but be patient. Prices: Really depends on what you eat. I could say from 30 euros….Location: Avenida Almirante Reis, n.º 1. Site:
  • Restaurante Sea me– A new trendy fish restaurant that serves from sushi, to grilled fish and seafood. After you eat you can also order some fresh fish to cook at home. Do not miss “Tiras de Choco preto”, ” Prego de atum em bolo do caco”. Better to make a reservation. Prices: From 30 euros-45 euros. Location: Rua do Loreto 21 (Near praça camões- Chiado). Site:

My lovely city!